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Cottonwood Tree, SR 27, South of Tekoa, 5/19/13

Cottonwood Tree, SR 27, South of Tekoa, 5/19/13

Of course, another tribute to Robert Adams–a lovely cottonwood tree, leaves full of light–with a tiny cottonwood just starting in the foreground…  I love the tracks of the machine in the wheat field beyond, and the power lines and the radio tower at the top of the hill, not to mention the sign posted on the tree (which can’t be read from this angle…)

What the photograph doesn’t contain, of course–the birds flitting in the branches, the gentle breeze, the joy of being in the May sunshine, the pleasure of taking fifteen or twenty minutes to set up the big camera and fix the experience of being in that place…

Just as I exposed the frame, the silence of the afternoon was broken by the throaty roar of motorcycles–two guys on big bikes came around the curve, and shouted at me–seemed like a happy shout–I finished the camerawork, and started putting the camera away, when they came back–turned out to be another photographer–Andy McAlpin–I set the camera back up for him to photograph me faking a photograph of the tree (I forgot to stop down the lens and wasted two sheets of film)–and he did a Facebook post on the event…


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