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Spring is here–at least the light is back–twelve hours of glorious daylight–the sun rising high above the horizon–it’s still twenty below in the mornings, but that just brings a sense of crispness to the world.

I’m celebrating spring with a new toy:  a Fuji 617 panoramic camera, getting some new pictures.

617-10-1 Aurora Motors, March 20, 2012

617-14-3 Walmart and Lowe's, March 21, 2012

Some pictures sit in boxes for decades, some come from only yesterday.  New toys are so much fun.

But where do these new pictures come from?  Partly they come from looking at the pictures of others–especially the panoramas of Josef Sudek, but partly from looking at the landscape in Fairbanks for twenty years.

I’ve always felt that working with a camera is a cooperative enterprise–certain cameras are able to make some pictures but refuse to make others–it’s my job as a photographer to figure out which pictures the camera is willing to give, and take them.


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