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Noted in passing—Clyde Butcher

I recently traveled to Florida with my family, a short stint in the sun, running from the darkness of Fairbanks in winter.  We flew into Miami, then traveled across the Everglades to visit Sanibel Island near Fort Myers.  One stop we made was at the Clyde Butcher Gallery, to look at the photographs there.  I had been familiar with Butcher’s work through a photo magazine article several years ago, but had never seen any of his original prints.  His gallery was filled with images of the Everglades—my favorites were of the Cyprus swamps—and noted that he is selling both silver prints and “gilcee” prints (aka ink jet images).

Clyde Butcher Loxahatchee River 14

I don’t think that Clyde Butcher is a great photographer—he borrows much too heavily from the past–he seems to encourage constant comparisons to Ansel Adams—but he also has taken influences from Atget and Edward Weston.  But there is no denying that his work resonates with a knowledge and love of the landscape of south Florida, and that his work has found an audience that appreciates his work.


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