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Eugene Atget never traveled to Alaska (and I’ve never been to Paris or France), so on one level it is impossible to directly imitate his work here.  But sometimes, when looking at an image I’ve made, I recognize how looking at his pictures has allowed me to see something in this landscape that I think I would have missed were it not for the gift of his pictures. Sometimes I’m even so inspired by him to digitally “tone” the images to something resembling the gold toned albumen prints he made…

Lake in Ran, Richardson Highway, 2004

Lake in Rain, Richardson Highway, 2004

Lake and Mountains, Tok Cut Off, 1994

Lake and Mountains, Tok Cut Off, 1994

The influence of Atget on my work include the selection of the 8×10 camera as the weapon of choice for my landscape work.  While this camera can be incredibly slow in the field, it allows (forces) contemplation during composition, and also rewards the effort with a robust, meaty image that carries the precision of the light.


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