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Every once in a while I do a google search on my own name, just to see if I exist–and I found this link to my most recent published book on a site that looks loosely associated with the Sierra Club.  I feel strangely like I’m using the traditional publishing world (self publishing plus distribution though a university press) to discover how the web is working…  And from that site is a link to the book on Amazon…

I once read an essay, I think it was by Kurt Vonnegut, about how a friend showed him some paintings done one glass, beautiful, and asked him if it was art.  “Who have you showed these to?” Kurt asked.  “No one” was the reply.  “Then it isn’t art” Kurt declared, “because for it to be art, you have to show it to people, it has to become part of a conversation.”

As a photographer, I have met some wonderful other photographers–Robert Adams has become a mentor and a friend, Richard Misrach has several times offered profoundly helpful advice, and I once sent some work to god himself, John Szarkowski, and got a letter back…   And every Tuesday at Pikes Landing in Fairbanks, there is a meeting of local photographers, people sometimes bring new pictures, and sometimes we have really good arguments…  There is joy in making things, but even more joy in sharing them.


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