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Ben Huff is a fellow Fairbanks photographer, a friend, and a member of a younger generation.  Unlike many photographers, he approaches his subjects with an intensity and rigor that might come from his background as a painter (or he might just have been born that way).

Ben’s blog discusses issues that he has with photographing in Alaska, connections to other photographer’s work, books, and occasional rants and rambles.  His audience seems mostly to be other photographers.  I find his content to be very interesting and thought provoking–he makes a post every week or two–not overwhelming, but frequent enough that you can get a sense of where he is going, and what he is interested in.  If there is a bias, it is towards a certain segment of the photography community, ie, the “artsy” end of the spectrum–and he does seem to favor younger photographers that I usually pay attention to.  He has a wide range of links to other sites, and I’ve used his web site to get a feel for what else is out there on the web–a very efficient way of exploring the contemporary photography community.  I tried to leave a comment on one of his images, but you have to sign the form, and he deleted my post as spurrious–a completley justifiable edit, I might note.  The site is organized mostly by date, and it is not easy to search, but I don’t think that really matters for a site that is mostly intended to be a diary.  There is only one ad on the site–a button for “Donate Life”, a site that accepts donations for transplants–he doesn’t make a big deal about this, but his wife is waiting for a kidney transplant–so this is a very appropriate quiet request.  The site looks clean, there is no anoying music–and it is a site I would like to emmulate.

Benn Huff--Theresa's Garden

Benn Huff--Theresa's Garden


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